All Life Ends has threaded the impossible needle of making pure death metal, where each song on the record sounds unique, while also holding a cohesive sound.

As time passes and more death metal gets made, it’s going to be harder and harder to make unique music. That’s especially difficult while staying true to the genre, but All Life Ends has done just that.

‘Miscreation’ has all the filth and brutality one should expect from a solid death metal album, but it’s also brimming with groove. The entire listen had me bobbing my head.

Then toss in a healthy dose of melodic leads to keep things interesting and you have the makings of a top-notch album.

If you’re reading this, then ‘Miscreation’ should be an immediate grab for you.

With Miscreation, the Swiss modern death metallers deliver a bold and consistently captivating listen.

From the short abmient intro with a perfect transition into brutal drum attacks to the final pounding sounds, ALL LIFE ENDS present a coherent work that shows just how good modern death metal can be. 

Overall, Miscreation is a powerful statement and a clear indicator that we will be hearing a lot more from the band.

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ALL LIFE ENDS - offers their audience a mixture of oppressive death metal of the old school, peppered with modern extreme metal influences.

During nine songs and a good three quarters of an hour long, the Swiss blast riffs and blast beats out of all the pipes, so that the whole place shakes and jolts. 

The Swiss full steam Death formation brings aggression, power and speed skillfully in an album. 

The listener is served massive death metal, but groovy accents are also set. Also for melodic influences space was created to loosen up the performance a little. But the focus is definitely on thrashy death metal.

ALL LIFE ENDS deliver a solid album, which is perfectly suitable as movement therapy for Death/Thrash devotees. 

ALL LIFE ENDS describe their sound as old school meets modern extreme and that’s a fair description of the carnage and aggression unleashed on this album.

The rhythm is tight and punchy and the lead adds atmospherics to the sound which makes this album a cut above the usual Death Metal fare. 

If you’re a fan of Death Metal, you should definitely check them out.

In an age where countless bands are tirelessly fighting for their own niche in the saturated world of extreme metal, Switzerland's ALL LIFE ENDS shines like a dark gem, casting shadows that are both chilling and intriguing. Since their inception in 2006, the band has rigorously delivered records that are nothing short of death metal masterpieces, but with "Miscreation", they have arguably outdone themselves.

ALL LIFE ENDS have proven, why they remain at the pinnacle of the death metal scene. "Miscreation" is not just another record; it's evidence to the band's relentless drive, their pursuit of perfection, and their unwavering dedication to their craft.

For lovers of extreme metal, this album isn’t just a recommendation - it’s a necessity.

ALL LIFE ENDS are hailing from Switzerland. an they play death metal. 

Considering death metal, ALL LIFE ENDS lean more heavily into American school of death metal, with blistering fast blast beats, thundering fast guitar solos, which contain occasional hooks and catchy melodic short parts, also some atmospheric parts are in the songs, almost progressive death metal, along with moshing grooves like in ‘The Dreamless Void’, the longest song on this record, but in no way boring for a second.

Production is brutal and grandiose, courtesy of Dan Swanö at Unisound AB Studio. Vocals are brutal and more guttural, but you can understand what is being sung about in many parts, so that is another plus for me considering this band.

This is quality death metal with couple of thrash parts thrown in, so enjoy it as I did.

ALL LIFE ENDS - are a Swiss death metal band who released their second full length album ‘Miscreation’ on the 9th of June, 2023 though the label Black Sunset. Their style mixes old school sounds with more modern extreme ones, and have inspired fans of heavy metal with their melodic parts and guitar solos. 

They do it super well, so I have to recommend this album a fair amount. 

ALL LIFE ENDS - album release party

The new songs bang hard and make you want more. With the quality presented, one can be justifiably proud of this exclusive privilege.  Another detour to the merchandise stand is almost mandatory!